Rock Band 101 - Connecticut
Rock Band 101 - Connecticut

What do kids and parents say about us?

"Rock Band 101 has been the best experience! Mike and Dennis are welcoming and professional. A true place where kids are encouraged to be creative, and also work as a team."
~Marla Houle

“Having my son join rock band 101 has been nothing but the best decision made! He has, and continues to develop his guitar skills, while being a part of something bigger than just one on one lessons. Motivation to practice and perform better has increased and we all are having fun at the venues the band has been playing at!  If your son or daughter has an interest in having fun while learning and growing their musical skills then I highly recommend giving rock band 101 a go!"

~Gail Crusha


"Rock Band 101 has been amazing for my son! He has not only become a better musician but has also become a more confident performer. Wish I had started him sooner!"

~Sandra C.


"My kids started taking guitar lessons with Mike at Mach1Music a few years ago, then later joined the RockBand program. They were paired up with other young musicians at a similar skill level, learned several songs, and played their first gig after only a few months! This is a great program for musicians of any age looking learn to play and get some experience performing together in a band environment. It's amazing to see how much my kids have learned, and how confident they've become at performing. I can't recommend it enough. Mike and Dennis are the best! "

~Mindy Lewis

"Mach 1 Music has an awesome Rock Band Program. My son Skyler played drums in elementary and Junior High School. Then in  High School auditioned for groups that needed a drummer but the older student always got the drumming gig. During one of Skyler's drum lessons with Dennis Cotton who is part of Mach 1 Music. Dennis wanted my son to try out playing with a group. Since Skyler was not able to play drums in high school yet Skyler thought he would try group Dennis and Mike were putting together. Skyler did end up going to a group rehearsal. He was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. It has been about 3-4  years now and  Skyler's confidence in drumming has grown immensely! Skyler loves playing with the rock band group who call themselves X-tinguisher. Skyler has also played in the high school Battle of the Bands and summer theatre pit crew. He is getting more and more noticed all the time. Thank you to Dennis and Mike at Mach 1 Music!"

~Amy Bobinsky


"Our son started learning guitar in middle school and started taking lessons outside of school his freshman year in high school. He was starting to get bored with the lessons when he heard about Rock Band 101 from his friend. Mike and Dennis were just starting up a new band and our son was excited to join. It gave him an opportunity he could not get anywhere else. He learned to play with other musicians and play in front of an audience. Between his one on one lessons with Mike and the Rock Band 101 experience, it helped elevate his ability to play and his passion for music. He learned so much more than just guitar from Mike and Dennis. The live audience Rock Band 101 experiences were great for him. He would still be in it today if he were not off at school. I know he misses it."

~John and Kathleen Russo.


"My daughter, Olivia, was one of the original members of Fastback!  She took guitar/bass lessons from Mike and was involved with RockBand 101 for many years.  Playing out at all the gigs was an absolute blast and we miss it immensely! Olivia is now a sophomore at the Hartt School, majoring in Music, Production and Technology.  I attribute a lot of her success to Mike & Dennis, her lessons and her affiliation with RockBand.  RockBand really brought my girl out of her shell, helped her to realize her passion and gave her her pathway.  It was a great ride and we are forever grateful for these amazing programs!"

~Sandra Di Maio


"Rock Band 101 is such an amazing class!  Our son has been continually enrolled and  absolutely loves it! The confidence and knowledge he has gained from the class, bandmates, and Mike and Dennis is beyond what we expected! The shows Mike and Dennis put on are so much fun to watch!"
~Chris and Dawn Mooney

"I miss playing with Fastback so much! Rock Band was a huge part of my teenage years and has definitely had an impact on me not only as a musician but as a person! Rock Band helped me discover my passion for music and performing! I'm studying music production/technology at the Hartt School and Rock Band had a huge part in my decision on what to study!"

~ Olivia Di Maio


"Rock Band 101 was a great experience for our son. He learned so much about the teamwork, compromise, and dedication it takes to be in a band. It was also an opportunity for him to make friends with kids he would never have met otherwise.  Dennis and Mike have a great program that helps students take their music skills to the next level. They learn about all that goes into preparing a setlist, setting up the equipment, and what it feels like to perform for and connect with a live audience. We loved seeing the band perform. We would highly recommend Rock Band 101!"

~Tami & Daryl LePage


"Our Son Studied under Dennis for several years prior to joining him with Rock Band 101! It was an amazing way for any young student to transition into the band aspect of their musical life. He truly enjoyed learning from Dennis and Mike how to take his talents and apply them to songs,   "Rock Band" performances. It was important that he could now share his abilities with his friends and family by performing songs we all were familiar with! This is a fantastic opportunity for any musician!"
~ Susan & Mike Forcellina 


"This program isn't your average band camp or masterclass taught by some washed-up, sold-out musician. This is a bonafide rock and roll experience. You aren't learning how to be a rockstar, you are one! You get to play on stage at all of these amazing venues under the tutoring of two seasoned musicians and teachers. Before RB101, I was a bedroom guitarist playing in front of a screen, now I'm playing at festivals in a band full of people I consider family!"

~Angelo DiBattista, Rhythm Guitar, Attempted Vocals


"From practice to performances, Rock Band 101 was a great experience. I had a lot of fun learning about the art of rock music, improving my skills as a drummer, and making friendships along the way." 

~Nate Ferri


"Rock Band was a really great way to further your understanding of rock music and have a great time jamming. Not only that but also network with other musicians who enjoy the same styles of music. Even now years later, I keep in touch with some of our old band members and our memories together will always be there."

~Joey Forcelina


"The experience that I had with rock band has been incredibly valuable now that I'm a touring musician. The skills such as being able to quickly set up a stage and play to a crowd, not to mention the friendships and connections I made through playing gigs with the band have been incredibly important to me."

~Teagan Farnsworth


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