Come Join The Band
Rock Band 101 is an ensemble class teaching school age children what it takes to put a band together, rehearse, and perform at a high level gig!

We promote a positive experience geared towards success. Being in Rock Band 101 is much more than just playing music. On the surface, that is the ultimate goal - to play music - but it is also much more.  Some of the underlying benefits to this program are...  

  • Organizational skills 
  • Time management 
  • Goal setting 
  • Accomplishing smaller tasks toward a higher goal 
  • Meeting deadlines 
  • Responsibility (to band mates, learning songs, being on time) 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Teamwork
  • Enhanced listening
  • Following instructions
  • Support system for band mates 
  • Democratic decision-making 
  • Compromise 
  • Building self esteem 
  • Building confidence 
  • Conquering and overcoming fears/anxiety 
  • Public speaking/performance 
  • Sense of accomplishment 

All of these skills/benefits can and will transcend Rock Band 101 and filter into the everyday lives of all who participate.
Beginner student encouraged to join, although some ability to play songs must be present to be successful. 
Private lessons are not required to join Rock Band 101. 
(but it doesn't hurt)


  • Wapping Fair
  • Evergreen Walk  
  • Nevers Park
  • (Paws in the Park)
Many more great gigs on the horizon!

Michael Kevetos

Dennis Cotton

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